Monday, July 8


"I will sprinkle clean water on
you, and you shall be clean."
ezekiel 36

new heart and spirit.
self-will abandoned.
just what i long for.
to be like Jesus.

the gal behind the front counter
at my beauty shop is darling.
when i was in saturday, i noticed
her nail polish. mentioned that
i loved acrylics. just
polish on nail.

"ann, do you want me
to do your nails?"

she whispered that it was
so slow...saturday afternoon..and
she was bored.

she was carefully polishing.
"linda, do you have a personal
faith?  a spiritual relationship
with Jesus?"

"well, i was raised catholic, but
i don't go to church....."

an ordinary day.
started like all the rest.
a prayer first thing:
"Jesus, i am just ann.
one ordinary woman.
please give me someone
to love to You, today."

i love them.
the pure, untarnished
moments when Jesus taps
you on the shoulder, and
reminds you this is one of
those moments for Him.
oh, it is the greatest stuff
in all my life.  loving and
serving Jesus.

be watching.
quiet enough to know
when God has set up the
perfect setting to share Him.

i so love you all.
thanks again for your loving
comments.  forgive me for
not responding personally
more often.  your words keep
me going.

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