Tuesday, July 23

what is that quote...
"victory is won on the mountain,
but realized in  the valley."

jan had two visiting 
physicians.  both had been
in emergency when they brought
her in. unconscious. not breathing.

each wanted to meet the woman
who had miraculously beaten the
odds and lived. with no brain damage.  the same night, they had
lost a thirty - yr. old under the same
circumstances.  one spared. one

for me,
one difference.
jan had an army of warriors.  YOU!!!
prepared.  faithful. on call.  and
tonight, jan's nurse lined up chairs
along the wall with plenty of' pillows
and blankets, and i'm keeping vigil
by her bed. hopefully, i don't fall off
my 13"-wide bed.

this morning,
i was so overcome
by God's vast array
of grace and goodness...
by your battle readiness.
still shaken by what we thought
the worst could be...
that i cried out to Jesus.
to change me forever.

my friend and i planted
geraniums...and i made some
fresh vows to never be a petty
person any more....and to give
my life away for the poor and
broken in ways not done before.

"let the beauty of Jesus.be seen in me...
all His wonderful passion
and purity. oh, Thou Spirit divine,
fill this being of mine...'til the beauty
of Jesus be seen in me."

thank you.
for all your prayers
and concern.
there was no make-up on 
today,  tears streaked my
face...and my nose ran.
abounding gratitude.


  1. Praising God for this miracle of LIFE for Jan and "new sight" for you Ann! Loving your tender and grateful heart!!!

  2. Oh, Ann...I cannot put into words what my heart feels...prayers for you and your dear sister...

  3. So so thrilled and sharing in your rejoicing! Utterly amazed and thrilled!
    I think God was also close to the 30 year old who did not survive. He loved this person and made the inexplicable choice to let them pass on. I don't think this was dependent on any human's actions or inactions. I believe the Lord's ways are too complex for us to comprehend and understand. I would never tell that person's family "if only you had more people praying your loved one would have survived."
    I believe when we try to make sense of suffering and explain it in human terms we trivialize suffering. We also hurt those who are in the midst of it.
    I am so so happy that Jan is thriving after this event.
    And so sorry for the 30 year old's family. I hope they were a Christian and are with the Lord. As to the why and how God chose these outcomes, we won't understand in this realm.

    1. Ann I know your heart is so tender right now. Please understand my post is not meant in any way to take away from the absolute miracle you have witnessed!!
      It is for those who have cried out to God for a miracle, and in human terms a miracle has not come.
      As a nurse I have seen fallen people survive who in medical terms should not have never walked out of a hospital. And I have seen sweet giving Christian people called home when in human terms they should have survived.
      We cannot understand His ways. At times it makes me ache and question. But in the end I know He is there, He is in control.
      Thank you so much for your rich, open blog!
      From another Jan