Sunday, July 28

"Jesus is all the world to me.
my life. my joy. my all.
He is my friend from
day to day...without Him i
would fall...."

i just called jan to say
"good night".  a week ago
today, a medical team of 12
were trying to resuscitate her,
and get the large pieces of
meat out of her lungs.

crying out to the Warrior
Divine...and then to you,
all the soldiers of the Cross
who run this glorious, difficult.
Race with me.  you were armed
and ready...and your praying
was heard by the master
Redeemer.  there is no question,
with my family that YOUR
prayers were the key.

i took my friend, sarah, to
chevron tonight.  a celebra-
tion for one more week with jan.
it was a little humorous, we
combed the aisles.  two sodas.
the bakery shelf  for little,
crumb donuts....and  an ice
cream bar.  when i' m with
someone who loves and
trusts me,  i know God
 has stitched the world
together perfectly.  it can
be very lonely when the world
is closing in....and  you truly
feel all by yourself.  BUT....

if you are in a big, overwhelming
struggle, and you don't know what 
to do, be silent. still. Jesus
is whispering,  "but I do!"
He always has the answers.
please  never forget. life is unbearable without this  truth.

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