Saturday, July 13

there are few things i enjoy
more than having my children
call to talk...

fifty minutes ago,
brock second oldest.
besides working for bank of
america, which bores him almost
to tears, he plays bass in a band.
he sees the right band, always,
with one thought:  this could be
the bridge to broken people.
he eats and drinks the dream. yearns for the reality,  
and we've spoken hours ....
talked miracles...of this longing
in his heart.

taylor and i are still in pennsylvania.
what great  hours.  i knew it
would go too fast.  colben says,
"grandma should sit here by me."

taylor has carried him everywhere.
walked the dog since brandt worked
today.  drives the rental.  changed

then, colson called.
how much he loved us.
"mom, i'm really sick.
something doesn't feel
what is the hardest, most
important job...the most difficult
assignment of my life?!
motherhood. parenting.

out of the blue, Debby...said, "let's
do a little shopping."   something
i rarely do for myself."

let's do our best
to make life...
more beautiful....

to smile easily.....
and lift each others' burdens.
especially those in our
families.  sometimes the hardest to


brandt and jasmine



  1. Hello Ann - just a gentle recommendation that you might not be want to be talking about how bored your son is at Bank of America in public and in writing. Way too many employers looking for this information and it could end up in a bad result for your son. Sent with love and concern...

  2. thank you, dee, for your input. very appreciated. it's
    not the bank itself, just his burning passion to play in a band.
    can't even say i'm for either...just spkg. of struggles my kids are
    having. will definitely take note. ann

  3. I am just so happy that you are back, Ann. You were a hero when I was a teenager and how I have needed you over the years. I really do love you.