Friday, July 26

for all
whose prayers
seem to be hanging in the
wind.  for every one who has
a rebellious, lost child...or
one who hasn't been delivered
of some level of disability.   for
the marriages that are cracked
at the seams and so hurtful......

"take a good look at my Servant.
I've bathed Him with My Spirit, My
life. He'll set everything right.
He won't brush aside the bruised
and the hurt...and He won't
disregard the small and insignificant. He'll steadily
and firmly set things right.."
isaiah 42

God did these incredible
miracles for jan....yet i can tell
you i have almost felt hell
hanging on my back since.
life has turned upside down
in so many areas. the enemy
is a smooth one. great victories
often followed by bent inequalities.

"we need a Savior.
we need an Anchor.
be very sure. be very sure.
your Anchor holds...
and grips the Solid Rock."

the ONLY One.

much to say.
to share.
lost yesterday's
let's continue
to pray for one
for the sun to rise..
and warm our faces and
broken spirits....and take
every wound. laying
them on the ground.
allowing the heat of God's
compassion to burn off
every piece still twisted
by anger or fear or sadness.

all my love to each
of you today.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Ann! Don't worry about losing your blog. We all know things happen and that are thinking about us and praying. Life is such a struggle, but, are sooo right about Jesus being our rock. I fail so many ways every day but i know that HE is there. Anytime we do something for the Lord the enemy doesn't like it, anytime there is a victory another crisis or something comes along. It is so hard but we just have to remember that the battle is already won. HE is our defender, protecter and deliverer! We have to keep on , keeping on! Please know we pray for you all every day! Keep smiling, GOD'S GOT YOU IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND! <3