Tuesday, July 2

"delight yourself in the Lord"

"delight yourself...in the Lord......
and He will give you the desires
of your heart.."

-colson texted that it sure got
hard being broke for a month.

-brock called and said his car
wouldn't start.

-taylor has a fantastic, part-time
job....well, two...but really needs
more income with college loans
to pay off..

i see people, every day, who are
the "hurt...the maimed..the poor.."

what does "delight" mean?
i long for my children and me to
get it.  to be grateful for ALL we
have.   to celebrate the laughter
of a child.  the breeze against our
skin.  how beautiful it feels to
look up and see someone smiling
at us.  the feel of colben's hand
in mine.  oh, i miss that little boy.

even though my last
blog just disappeared off the
screen.  and a cat scan showed
that the bones that were fused
in my foot had not fused as they
were supposed to.  and though
the clouds turn dark and oceans
roar...and the earth shakes.

commit it all to Jesus..and
He will bring the needs and
desires to fulfillment.


  1. ann - can't imagine typing your name with a capital letter. this is a wonderful post...i work in a children's hospital in palliative care, and see heart wrenching things every day. life is so short...at best, brief...oh that we might embrace joy and the grace of the multitude of gifts we ignore from God each day. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. Hi Ann! Got to share Jesus today and is was great! I am praying for you and your family always and i know things are going to get better! Sometimes, we forget and lose focus, but, we gotta get back up and keep fighting. Love you and have a safe trip to Monterrey.

  3. Still praying for you and yours.