Monday, July 15

jan goes to her oncologist
to find out if she is still in

last night,
taylor and i flew back
to sacramento from pennsylvania.
saying good-bye to my children.
and my grandbaby.  a pure treasure!

i'm trying to not be fearful
about jan.  to not be sad that
my happy days back east are
over for now.  or downcast
that taylor boards amtrak early
in the morning for monterey.
he and tony have two bookcovers
to complete.  deadline due.

colson called.
"mom, i've had a lot of hardship,
but what would i have to offer
others if my life had been easy?"

oh,  i pray i can wear shoes
again instead of flip-flops.  and 
that debby has re-entered her
world with peace.

isn't life a journey?  a constant
adjusting to the
highs and lows. the bumps
and skids handed to us.  often
every day.

jan is known for ordering
things off t.v..  last  night,
when taylor and I arrived from
the airport (tom and jan were
in san francisco
with their sons), I saw an un-
opened box with "tummy tuck"
on it.

"oh, ann, it was one of those
crazy ideas.  you wear it so many
hours a day, and it slowly
melts your fat away.  i thought it
would be good for tom, but  began to realize it could hurt
his feelings. i'm sending it back.."

tom and taylor and i laughed
hard. tom is the best-looking
executive anywhere.

it was the laugh we all needed.
and then...
"His yoke  is easy, His burden
is light.  i've found it so...i've
found it so.  He leadeth me by
day and by night...where
healing waters flow."

time to get back in my
groove. you know the hardest
moment every day is opening
my eyes each morning.  i'm so
NOT a morning person.   yet, 
for many years,i flew out of bed.
pulled on work-out clothes....and
did a 10-20 mile run.

take time to walk in his Word.
to form quiet moments where
you can hear God. the road map
is always different.

and  tell it to  Jesus .
"He is a friend that's well known.
there's no other such a friend
and brother. tell it to Jesus

how i love each of you.
you are warriors with me.
all for Jesus. 

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