Saturday, July 20

oh, the beauty and comfort
of your words.  your prayers
for jan and me.  such kindness.
please forgive me for not
blogging.  two days after jan's
diagnosis, my orthopedist said
i have to have surgery on my
left foot...or the pain will never
go away.

and maybe i will never
be able to run again.

big, ugly, cruel words
splashed across the core
of my running passion.  i 
think you have to be a runner
to really grasp this.

but God can pick up shattered
glass and glue it back together.
He has given water when we are
thirsty and bread when we are
hungry.  Living Bread.  He never
allows a bruised reed to break.
and when i punched my window
down today...and stuck a $10 bill
in a  begger's hand, i truly saw
the face of God.  yes! i did.  the
very reason Jesus died was
for this man. and i shared Jesus
with Him.  a glorious thing!!!

"You are my Hiding Place.
You always fill my life with
songs of  deliverance whenever
i am afraid...i will trust in You...
"i will trust in You..
let the weak say i am strong
in the strength of the Lord."

please know.
wherever your wounds are,
there stands the Savior.
and without sorrow,
i would not be kind and tender,
but blind and empty and insensitive.

i will always be running
the Race.  and always reaching
out my hand for yours. after
all, we are warriors for the Savior
of the universe.

roll around 
in the comfort
of His big, soft lap.
and may we all remember
God is ENOUGH.

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  1. Ann,
    I am a 57 year old christian woman recently divorced after 30 years of marriage. Yes, to a man in ministry. The highest of betrayals. What has held me together has been a God of grace, an incredible church body,and four children who love me as a person and a mom. I read your books when I was single and living in Hawaii in the late 1970's. Met your parents and even sat with them on a blanket out at Ala Moana. Your dad was quiet. Your mom chattered and made me feel at home. You were filming with the crew from Israel. I followed your life like a sister. It is good to reconnect after your long absence. Thanks for coming back.