Wednesday, July 31

"God's voice is glorious in
the thunder.  we can't even imagine
the thrill of His power."  job 37:5

tonight, my hope is built
on Jesus.  jan has pneumonia.
one of my sons is broke
i got a letter from the irs.
tonight  is celebrate recovery.
last  week, i couldn't even raise
my head.   the entire time i
shared, i said things like,
"I don't want to be here. i don't
like it. I don't want to go on

that night i thought i'd lost
jan....and didn't  want to go on.

these words are so grim, i know.
my foot?!!!!  what am i going  to
do?!  orthopedists and a podiatrist
think so differently.  i'm terrified.
God says:
"count yourself lucky.
how happy you must be.
you get a fresh start.
your slate's wiped clean."  psalm  32

there are days 
when some of us
just walk.  
one foot in front of the
other.  one moment at a time.

the rains come
and the storms pummel
us.   all we need is the hem
of Jesus...and the refusal to
stop.  that's what you do
in a race .

don't look back.
KNOW the God of the
universe has NEVER failed.
trust me, i'm right beside you.

thank you again for all your
comments. each one. i trace
the love and
beauty of your words....
and tuck them in my heart 


  1. Praying for Jan. And for you. And for your boys.
    Thank you for continuing to share even when you are struggling.
    Your blog (and books) inspire me and I consider it a privilege to pray for you.

  2. I love you and so relate with your stories and struggles. Eyes fixed on Him, even when He seems invisible will carry us for He loves us utterly and will never leave us! Xo

  3. "One day at a time" -- for me, it is more like one hour at a time. Struggling to keep from losing my temper at the faceless person on the other end of the phone. I lost my debit card. A new one was mailed and I should have received it by now. Only it is somewhere in the black hole of the US Postal Service. Called my bank's toll-free customer service number, to be told condescendingly "The envelope won't have the bank's name on the front, it will be a plain white one. Could you have gotten it and thrown it out?" No, no, and no! I know it comes in a plain white envelope! I do keep my temper, amazingly.