Wednesday, July 10

long flights to
after 2 a.m.

thinking of all your
prayers.  your investment
of love toward my son and
daughter-in-law and
grandbaby.  how i love you
all, and thank you.  for caring.
believing.  being an integral
part of our little family.  thank
you, debra, for letting brandt
stay with you until an apartment
was found....and jasmine and
the baby made it here.

isn't Jesus wonderful?!!
"He's higher than we ever
could imagine...and closer than
our eyes can ever see...magnificent!
He alone is holy..."
10, 000 reasons

this isn't much of a blog.
but i wanted to send my
gratitude.  i wanted to glorify
Jesus.  that Jesus helped me
make this trip .....injured foot
and all. this is a gift, and i'm
so grateful.

yesterday, i stopped by to see
my little, korean friend, veronica.
she kissed the cross around my

"i wear this because i am a
Christian. what is your spiritual
belief,  veronica?"

she didn't seem to understand,
but threw her arms around me,
kissing me.

"oh, ann, i'll love you forever!"

i believe for my neighbor.
"I will not doubt though all my
ships come sailing home with
broken masts and sails..."

because Jesus is.
because nothing can stop His love.
because we are all so broken,
and He is our only, true Deliverer.


  1. From my journal: "Today, God has given me a window through which I can see how the verse 'Therefore we do not lose hope. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day" is being expressed through a fellow writer whom I truly admire and who was an early inspiration for my own writing. Her name is Ann Kiemel. She lives today in challenging circumstances and with frail health, but the things that come out of her pen are just life giving. I know she is somewhat aware, but I don't think nearly as is the actuality of her inspiration to others."

    1. Yes Pastor, i believe you are right. Ann is a very humble person. She has touched so many people, yet, i don't beleive she thinks she deserves any sort of recognition. Jesus speaks through her all the time and she is so willing. I truly wish she could see how much she helps people and that she should see what God see in her. He loves her so much and HE DOESN'T MAKE JUNK! I continue to pray for her everyday and her family...........