Tuesday, July 9

taylor (who could fit his job
around this) and i are getting
to fly to pennsylvania to
see brandt and jasmine and
colben.  yeahhhhh!!!

to see the firehouse. their
new  apartment.  oh, to wrap
colben in my arms...and kiss
and tickle him until he giggles.
i've missed him (all of them)
so much.  because of my left
foot, i really need taylor to help
me on the long, cross-country

of course, i'll be wearing one
of those fancy, walking boots
(sigh).  i hope you don't judge
me for not being pushed in a
wheel chair through airports.
i think i'm just not spiritually
humble enough.  a sense of anxiety
begins to rise in my throat just
thinking about it.  today, how i
respect all who are wheel-chair

my friend, debby, is coming, too.
she found a specialist....foot, 
ankle...and i'm taking the catscan.
another opinion before another

we all so need to have something
to look forward to.  there are many
moments of desolation in life.
mornings kill me.  the courage
to face a new day.  a darkness
that slips in between my shoulder
blades...and out the tips of my
fingers.   Jesus is my plea.
my only Hope.  

brock called.
"mom, i saw such a broken, sad
man today. i gave him $16, and
told him Jesus loved Him."

"darling, you couldn't tell me
anything that could touch me
more.  you are making a difference
for Jesus in a crushed world.
oh, brock, darling, i love you."

my fellow friends and warriors...
press forward.   grab the hem
of Christ's garment and allow the
tenderness of His vast compassion
and love and deliverance sweep
away the enemy's lies.  words
that speak everything NOT true
and pure.

i stand beside you.
and will...until my last breath
on earth.  ann

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