Saturday, June 30

reach for the bells.
grab each others' hands.
turn your faces to the sun-kissed
sky. and smell the good earth under
your feet.

life is a Race.
it has to be run.
each of us on course.

put bandaids on your toes.
toss a bite or an orange in your mouth.
laugh hard. feel deeply. run inspite of
every obstacle.

all "for the joy set before us..
for the joy, He endured the pain. for the
joy, He suffered the shame..and He'd do it
all again..He'd do it all again...for the joy....."

(author unknown)

today, i pray for you.
i run with you. i cheer for you.
today, i love you. and Jesus loves
us. so when the clouds come...the storms
shake our souls....just remember the joy.

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