Saturday, June 2

however deep the valley,
just that much higher is the sky.
when you are eating dust, and
flat on your face, so much greater
is the air on your skin as God lifts you
out of cold, hard, rugged places we
somehow get ourselves into.

i love and worship Jesus.
He's more than everything to me.
and the four sons He gave will and me?
i love every capillary and artery and
muscle and toe and molecule in their
bodies.  huh-uhhh.  don't mess with
mothers.  smile.

may the warmth of your heart spread pure
and unaltered across the deserts in others' lives.
Jesus is counting on us because we are all He has.

i almost lost the war because i was too scared
and terrified, and didn't will need shaping up, too?
yes, God did His own work on will, and He got me
through the trenches and beyond so He could be
glorified in us.  and it all began with herb and dona
who laid down their money (alot of it!!), and have stuck
with us 'til this very moment.

hallelujah, amen.
hallelujah, amen.
amen.  amen.


  1. ....and only God knew that your experience would help remind me it is possible. I was having one trauma after another and stumbled onto your story, Ann. I was in pain, had no where to hide, no where to run... I was in a prison like no other and God took my heart and let me see yours, again. Our stories have similar threads of pain, grief, humanity. You were an inspiration to me in the 70's and when I needed to be reminded the with God, all things are possible, there you were. I am still walking through valley's and He is there... but He has indeed used you to His glory... and I believe one day he will use me too.

  2. Yes. Hallelujah, amen! I'm thankful for my Herb's and Dona's too. Jesus' hands and feet (and wallet too)!