Friday, June 8

there are so many beautiful comments,
and i read them ALL. if i don't personally respond,
it is only because i'm overwhelmed by the time element.
but i feed on your words. i chew them and trace them in
my memory bank. over and over and over. thank
you so much for touching my life.

i'm a part of a 12-step program.
one night a week for a year.
i need it and i trust the small group that
i'm in. so many vulnerable things that each of
us lay on the table. out of hidden, dark places in
us....and setting them in the light where nothing can
fester and grow.

i really should never, ever say a negative word
about ANYONE after all the mistakes and lost places
that i've let life take me. it is so easy to look away from
myself and give all my attention to the imperfections
and disappointments of others.

last night,
i lay, face down, on my
bedroom rug for a long, long time.
silent. still. before Jesus. evaluating
the many twists and turns ...and holes
i've fallen into. praying for grace. though
undeserved. yearning for more grace. for
more forgiveness. i promise you that there
is not one day that i don't fail somewhere. you face a beautiful, sun-drenched
week-end, now and then allow your thoughts
to wander. let the great God of the universe
check your hearts, and may we all, side-by-side,
run a faster, cleaner Race so that every day, the
world will be kinder and more courageous in our
confessions and celebrations. remember,
we are warriors. not a light assignment. we
must be listenting and aware always.

thank you, again, for your love.
we stand. side-by-side. warriors for the Cause.


  1. Awesome Ann! Have a Blessed weekend!

  2. Your honesty is so welcome even having an idea of the cost. It's so difficult to be honest, to be open; knowing someone, somewhere will be critical or gossip or spread rumors, etc. People, even Christians, can be small and mean; that's between them and God. I've enough to answer for one of these days. As Elisabeth Elliott says, "you are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms." I prefer to say, "you are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are HIS everlasting arms...bless His name forever!"

  3. loved this. very, very special. elizabeth...and her daughter,
    val, are very close friends. magnificent, in fact. loved the quotes.
    love you. ann