Thursday, June 21

hot.  heat  sizzling on
our skin.  flowers in bloom.
and our children all home from
while my children were growing up,
especially in california, i LOVED having
them home.  water parks and picnics and
friends over.  swimming almost every day.
our skin turning brown. our hair naturally a couple
shades lighter.  skate boards and roller blades
and taylor and his best friends played board games
and star war competitions at the university.  taylor
always took colson to these so he could learn.
brock tracked every concert he could find, and i'd
drop him off.   brandt was always about friends.
and saying "no" to him when he wanted to sleep over
was just absolutely unthinkable to him.  he would
hammer me with phone calls until i would turn my
phone off, and pick him up as i had directed in the
first place.
when school was on, i was up EARLY.
i would get ahold of colson's and brandt's feet and
literally pull each one right out of bed.  taylor and
brock were a little older and accepted school as
fate, with no possible way out.
i want life to be like summer.
God's warmth hovering over us.
His presence always a time of  adventure
and blessing.  hiking to high places where we
can feel His breath on our hearts.  canoeing
down the rapids that life seems to throw at us,
and watch the Savior of the world calm our troubled
hearts the way He does with oceans.
ring the bells.
stick your feet in flip-flops.
open wide your heart to all God has planned
for this summer,  and watch the joy as He restores
all of us for the winters of life ahead.

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