Tuesday, June 12

racing through target to pick up some groceries.
one check-out line was suddenly free, and i pushed my
basket there as fast as possible.

tall, handsome, winsome young guy was checking me through.

"sorry if i seem in a hurry, but our church has a sunday night service
and i'm trying to get there."

he asked, "where do you go to church?"

"bear creek community church."

"wow, i go to a community church, too."

i looked at this kid about one of my boy's age, and
smiled. "oh, knowing Jesus is EVERYTHING, isn't it?!!!"

"oh, you cannot even imagine what Jesus has done for me," he said.

"really? like what? i want to know."

"well, i was in so much anxiety that i could barely function.
literally, m'am, Jesus took it all away!"

"wow!!! what a story. you need to be telling others of this
life-giving miracle. there are probably alot of people around you
with just the same problems."

in. out. target store in my rear-view mirror , fading.
but i was lost in wonder and awe. beautiful, amazing Savior!

"if you touch the one next to you...
and i touch the one next to me....
we'll all stick together...in
all kinds of weather...to see what can be done"

hear the whistle of the wind.
look at all those around you who are wearing
beautiful smiles. and just know, right now, that
the music is just beginning to start. listen for it.
know God loves celebration. with flags in the air,
run and watch what the power of the wind/love can do!


  1. I just think those heavenly celebrations will also have fireworks at dusk and lightening bugs at night. I love, love, love, to celebrate Him!

  2. absolutely beautiful! love, ann