Wednesday, June 6

i pulled on my sweats.
my tacky, cut up top.
tied my running shoes that
are beginning to lose their worth.
but.....beat-up running shoes are
sentimental to me because they
have carried me through thousands of
Jesus, my running Partner, was on time
and waiting for me at the gym.  i always know
because,  as i bow my head and ask for strength,
i can almost see Him.  touch Him.  a Hand on my
shoulder. starting really easy, i begin to challenge
my body to stick close to my Partner,  and slowly
increase my speed and encourage the endorphines
to kick in.
running begins to close out the world.
even all the troubling things in each of our
lives.  and Jesus has our full attention.
i learn many things from my great Partner
if i am silent enough to listen as the miles
and time clock in.
today, i  heard Jesus reassure me that
jan is going to be okay.  that the pieces
are being lined up in such a way that
her terrible pain will subside.  it means
so much to us that so many of you all
are praying for her.
a clear sky.  slight breeze.  and two
hours later, i crawl off the,
more like peel myself off...and chalk up
alot of good miles.
i want to run
and feel the wind  
at my back...and know that
God loves me and He needs me and
there is NOTHING that He and i and you
can't do.  feel the sun on your skin and
know that it is God's way of reminding us
that He is magnificently and wonderfully
made.  and ALL He is is ours because
we are His kids. 
take a hand and squeeze it.
make cookies and share them.
love your children unconditionally
because that is what Jesus demands:
unconditional love.   nurture their hearts.
remind them that life is ALL about the heart.
and we know that God will take care
of the rest. i really love you all!

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  1. Ann...I love your blog. Thank you for writing it and encouraging me in my sometimes lonely, hard, broken world. You inspire me to have hope and to keep always look for Jesus everywhere I go. I just read an amazing book you would love "Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davis, a young 20 something who moved to Uganda to show the love of Jesus there, just like you do in your world. I think you would be so inspired and encouraged by reminds me so much of you. Thank you for blessing my life for the past 20 plus years!