Friday, June 15

what happens when you are a single mother
and you really, truly don't have enough money to
go around?

be BOLD!
tell Jesus thank You, over
and over and over. thank you because you
know He never forsakes His own.

and if the fringe underneath your hair,
on your neck, begins to rise in terror every
so often, find someone you know who is REALLY
special. and doesn't forge , for widows, the admonition
from Jesus not to forsake us. someone who really knows
Jesus....and quietly, humbly ask for a little help. i have.

no matter what you don't have, always remember to pay
Jesus first. whatever the amount. and stand, and dare
the enemy to try and sway you over to his side packed
full of lies.

i can smell a single mother clear across a room.
and if i have anything in my purse, i share it because
i know we stand together and must help each other.

Jesus is our Husband. our Father. our Provider.
the Father to the fatherless. as sure as the sun rises
over the ridge tomorrow morning, you can know the
Savior of the world is busy watching over us. stirring
up miracles for our day.


  1. This is so good, Ann. Thank you!! Much love to you...

    1. Single moms always need help!:-) Thank you for speaking out on the subject. Blessings!

  2. Now that I'm an empty-nester, I look back and see the many ways God blessed us during the single parent years. My daughter was beautifully dressed, thanks to the generosity of a friend who passed on her child's outgrown clothing. I had a job that provided insurance coverage. We lived within walking distance of a grocery store and bus stop. God never allowed us to be without food, shelter, and clothing. Our needs were met in amazing ways. To share just one example, a refund check for an insurance overpayment arrived just when my daughter needed an expensive graphing calculator for school. We didn't have all we wanted, but we had all we needed.