Tuesday, June 5

thank you for sending me so many
loving and kind words this last week.
they've just soaked and soothed all
the dry places in me.  beautiful thoughts.
and the rough edges that kind of begin
to run havoc around all the organs of
my soul smoothe out , and again, i
can see Jesus clearly.  put my eyes
and heart on Him and NOT my circumstances.
recently, i called an organization
and asked them to please send me the dvd
of my keynote address.  in response, they said
they couldn't do that.  that it was their property,
so to speak.  i responded with shock.  why
couldn't i, who did the speech, have a copy?
trust me, i never care about copies of anything
about me or by me, but was doing this because
some people helping my website requested it.
the next response from the head of this international
group shocked and broke me.
"ann, to be honest with you, we weren't happy
with your presentation, and not one attendee
ordered a copy of that hour."
though i had received a stout, standing ovation,
this was the real truth.  in all the years of speaking
to thousands and thousands of people, this was a
first.  i responded by thanking them for their candor,
and saying i was devastated to have failed them and
now, surely God, too.  the final response was so kind.
"ann, we ALL fail at times.  and in front of others.
but we love you, and have no regrets."
the real deal.
that is what the world
is yearning for.  no one really cares
about our great successes, because we are
all broken. "God's strength is made perfect in weakness."
begin to speak more openly about your struggles.  your
weaknesses. your losses.  you will be amazed.  suddenly,
others will feel safe enough to tell you their hurts.  and once,
again, we are changing the world.  not because of who
we are, but because we are reminding others that Jesus
died for the broken.  He lives for our healing.  and everyone
has a past.  scattered failures.  absolutely EVERYONE.
may Jesus truly be glorified this next week by our authenticity.


  1. I don't know who this group is, but I am totally shocked at their response. I would personally travel far and wide to hear you. You are a blessing. How can a person get your speaking schedule.

  2. So often the impact of deep messages like yours are takes place below the waterline, where the Holy Spirit can take your words and apply them as a healing balm to a hurting soul. It's not going to happen out in the happen. I love your transparency, but I also don't like how the person at that organzation treated you.

  3. Seems to me like a perspective issue. So many.
    The head of this international group; disappointment. Obviously he had different expectations.
    Yours; shock and brokeness. Your performance disappointed this influential person, and you think you failed this man and God.
    The audiences; a stout, standing ovation, which would imply a deep and resonating connection with you and what you had to say.
    Hmmm, not sure I’d call it a failure. And I don’t want to call this man’s response any other than you did, “kind,” but I wasn’t on the expecting, giving, or receiving end of it!
    You said it all in the end of your post; truth. Keep on keeping on, Ann. The world doesn’t need our pristine, neat, and tidy packaging. They’ve already caught on that it’s just that, packaging. And they can find a lot of nicer wrappings elsewhere. It’s the inside treasure Jesus came to save, because IT NEEDS SAVING, messy, yucky, filthy beings that we are. He comes and removes the wrappings if we let Him and the real saving work begins. I love you. I do.

  4. Wow. This message hit home for me and I thank you for sharing it. I recently started a new job and have been treated unkindly by women who have been there for decades. I took it personally and now realize that sometimes we are placed in situations for reasons that are beyond our comprehension. Maybe we have something to learn from those around us. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability, Ann. Everyone appreciates it.

  5. Wow. That must have been tough to take. Thank you for sharing. God is using that hard experience to minister to others. Nonetheless, I am sorry you experienced this hurt.