Sunday, June 3

i can see things i once never even noticed.

i can sing a new song. write it like a ballad.

i can look up into a tree. a huge redwood.
see God's handprint higher than the stars.

i can cry, and not be so ashamed and embarrassed.

i can love better because i have lived 66 years.
there aren't so many mysteries as before.

i can tell you, no matter HOW impossible it looks,
that it is going to be okay. you watch. you'll see.
it is all going to work out.

i can just tell you today that i wish i could get
a spray-tan. that i just look so much better
with a little color on me. and i turned a corner
too fast and hit the corner edge, and have a purple
knot on my forehead, and i'm afraid to go out.
today is one of those 'hard times', and i just have
to get through it. because tomorrow brings new
hard and easy things and i have to be ready for them.

i just want to so thank you for being a facebook member
with me. and sharing your hearts until i can feel the ocean
depths with sand between my fingers. every single kind
word you have sent me i have read, and been really touched.
and i just want to remind you, at least this one more time....
that we are warriors. and we need, at all times, to be ready.
i love you. ann

p.s. please pray for jan.
she is in alot of pain.


  1. What you say is so true. After yrs of living, and dying, I can love better, and the mystery lessons and the miracles are more clear. Praying with you for Jan. <3 that's my heart beat connecting with all those who share such affection for you.

  2. ... Ann, I will pray for Jan. Reading this blessed me today. It felt as if you wrote it to 'me'. As I think of my life... I have always only wanted for the pain to become His message of hope. As I read your words... and remember the 'first' time I heard you speak (at the Garden Grove- what is now the Crystal Cathedral- community church, along with Fred) Ann, later you came and spoke in my little church -in comparison. I remember the family that hosted you had to take you shopping because your luggage did not make it... I have your books and when I was so sad and alone... I thought of you. I never imagined your life could have paralled my life... My boys, adopted at birth, my marriage was lost to sin and crime at 27 years, I have addiction issues... my mom and her twin were born in Modesto. I don't know Ann, if you see me... but I see you. God has used you to transform so many hearts. I am where you have been. I am going to check often.... GOD bless you, Ann. Praying for Jan. I love the word IMPOSSIBLE.

  3. We are warriors clothed in His love, armed with His Word. Love this post. I am praying for precious Jan.

  4. In prayer for your sister. My sister lives near me. Though she's older than I, she has often needed me to take care of her. I can't stand it when my sister is in pain. I'd do anything to make it stop. Arms around you both.