Saturday, June 23

several experiences stand out in our
very first year. i decided to ride with will,
in his old pick-up, to his huge, seed-potato
ranch. it was millions of dollars in debt, but it
looked significant. miles of fields with seed
potatoes growing.

a huge mistake for will and me
was that we never talked money before
we married. i didn't have a clue what he made,
or what his philosophy was re: money. i
had stacked up wealth (truly, i spent most of it
to love my world to Jesus). today, i understand
money can be a HUGE issue in a marriage.

back to going with will to the ranch.
"you could have a good run in the fields, ann,
while i check on things. i won't be long."
he smiled. gave me a kiss. and dropped me
off in a field so large i couldn't even see a
road. a house. hear cars going by. looking
for miles around me,. i only felt the burning
sun on my skin and potatoes.

i was a seasoned runner.
had qualified for three, boston marathons.
won the women's division at cape cod's
marathon. and many others. most
marathon runners are tough. resilient.
blood and guts. but NOT on this day.
after two hours in the near 100-degree
heat, with no liquid to drink, and hopelessly
lost, i began to feel afraid and angry,
and i started to cry.

continued tomorrow...

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