Thursday, June 28

years ago,
i wrote a book specifically
for my four, treasured sons.

"the dreamer's club"

about a little girl named madison
who wanted to have a dream. it was
awarded the c.s. lewis award that year,
but it's been out of print for years. many
years. at the close of the story, i invited
other children to join madison and dream
for their neighborhoods, too.

still today, i receive letters, asking to
join the dreamer's club. these came
recently. from eugene, oregon.

"my name is keyton. i go to hayworth Christian
school". i want to join the dreamer's club. do you
have a girl or a boy or both? i will love the world
for Jesus, and i love your book."

"dear mrs. anderson...
my name is ethan. i want to join the
dreamer's club, and i will love the world for Jesus.
love, ethan"

children are so open.
so clean of thought and brave
in what they believe they can do.
rarely does some mountain scare them.
they run toward seemingly-impossible
challenges, and take God's hand and
embrace whatever He is calling them to do.

the little boy with the loaves and fish.
Jesus in the temple confounding all the
pharisees. Jesus called the children,
and smoothed their hair and quietly spoke
just to them. and held them on His lap.

grab the hand of a child
and lick ice cream cones.
laugh and play and remind them
that Jesus has dreams just for them.
today, may God show you His child for
you to teach how to dream.

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  1. Dearest Ann, I work at a library, in the children's room, and we have THE DREAMER'S CLUB in our collection, and there is not a week that goes by when I do not recommend it. :)