Monday, June 4

"red and yellow...
black and white...
all are precious in His
sight...Jesus loves the
little chidren of the world."

i'm not sure what red and yellow
look like on skin, but God
does.  everything about
creating us and growing us up
is clearly understood by God.

will you remember to smile at
every child who passes your way 
today? to allow his parent to feel
proud by just the way yo look
at them.?

babies are powerless.  they wear
things their mothers put on them.
they may never get their hair combed
that morning.  often one sock falls off.
they are so at our mercy to keep them
half-way decent when they go to the
store with us. or the library. or anywhere.

everything about God's creations is
magnificent.  the flowers when they bloom
exactly at the right time.  the seasons that
sort of hiccup into place.  and if we are quiet
enough, we can hear birds far away,  and they
sound happy because they almost always
are singing something.

but children.
back to beautiful, earnest
little children.  they loved sitting on
Jesus' lap, and He was NEVER too busy
for them.  remember, at least for today,
to smile at them.  they have no concept of war.
or evil.  or flat-out meanness. they are tiny,
little mortals that need a hand to hold.  and
a smile that reassures them that they going
to be okay for one more day.  whatever that
is.  smile.  Jesus wants us to.

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