Wednesday, June 27

i want so badly to be like Jesus.
and i KNOW it is impossible to truly
remain faithful unless i wear His words
across my forehead, and seek Him to
please lead me beyond myself.

"whoever desires to be first
shall be slave of all..."

"in lowliness of mind let each esteem
others better than himself.."

let's just take these two.
i confess that i like being at the front of
the line. and there are moments, with
certain people, that i barely have enough
esteem myself to get down on my face and
honor them; acknowledging they are better
than i.

what a journey we are on.
what a Savior we have to follow.
what a world that, in love, we are
empowered to change.

my knees are skinned.
my face is smeared with sweat and tears.
my shirt is torn, and has grass stains.
living for Jesus today is a constant battle.
a war against the enemy.

let's stand up and be counted.
let's always look beyond ourselves.
let's bow before the Throne....and wait
until He issues His next assignment.
and may we be prepared.

all for Jesus.
all for Jesus.

1 comment:

  1. Branded on my heart, tatooed on my forehead, please Lord Jesus, write Your words evermore in us.

    Thank you, Anne, for your transparency. I still remember when I first read one of your books ove 30 years ago and you shared how your dad said that serving Jesus pays. That stays with me still, and it is so true.