Sunday, September 16

"amazing grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.....i once
was lost, but now am found. was blind but
now i see...." beautiful, old hymn written by
someone who was once a prodigal.

i was in all day. no car, and wishing the
country roads weren't so dangerous because
i would have pulled on my running shoes and
run into town. Jesus just keeps seeming to say
"wait!" one of the hardest things for us humans to do.

my thoughts somehow dwelled on "a wretch like me."
there simply is NO good in me. i look back to the sins
of my youth. to the multiple holes i thought i'd never be
able to climb out of. the unkind words. loss of dignity
and screaming. the moments i've thought of myself instead
of others.

grace: unmerited favor from God. freely given. cannot be earned.
i can actually taste the beauty of it. roll it around in my thoughts.
and fall on my knees. my lashes wet with tears. i've fallen
so short. gotten so lost. been so discouraged instead of abounding
in praise and faith. self. so wrapped up, at times of great insecurity,
by self. but.....

listen to the pipe organist.
feel the power. we do not have to be wretched souls.
Jesus lives, and grace was born, and our slates can be
wiped clean every day. in a second. as soon as we call on Him.

amazing grace.
amazing grace.


  1. Much of what you have been writing the past week or so is very close to things that have been going on inside of me.

    I've been doing a blog challenge, and last night's challenge was to write about God. It overwhelmed me because of the broadness of the subject.

    Here is the link, if you would like to look at it.

  2. Stop looking behind and look ahead...remember the plow! When God forgives us, it's as far as the East from the West...not the north from the south. He forgives, never remembers and when we remember, it's a trick of satan.
    God is telling me to wait; frankly, I think I'm ready to wait. Since Dave died, I've been so exhausted; putting one foot in front of the other is, some days, all I can do. Yet, it's what I can do so I do it. He gives me strength to do the work He has set before me. To say no is to deny Him.

  3. Dear Sweet Ann....I can so relate to what your going through right now. God has removed everyone from me right now and HE has me in a place where i only have HIM to depend on. He keeps telling me to trust HIM but i find myself so scared, so alone. I have to ask myself why do i have such trouble trusting the one who made everything and i can't come up with the answer. All i know is that HE is there, waiting for me to depend on HIM. I know your car is coming. I think maybe it's like my situation..HE wants only your attention to focus on HIM, forget everything else... It will come. HE wants HIS highest best for you. Like Oral Roberts said"Expect a miracle"! Something good is going to happen to you! God is still on the throne even though things are crashing around us....HE loves you so much Ann