Sunday, September 9

i'm dressed for the gym.
going to run with my Partner.
listen to Him speaking to me.
guiding me. encouraging me.
opening my mind and heart.
before a good work-out is over,
i have toned my muscles a little
and pushed through my anxieties
and struggles....and communed
with Jesus. just the two of us.
running side-by-side.

thinking of our country.
of all that really matters in terms
of who becomes our next president.
praying. seeking. a friend told me
that nudity on television has gone up
400%. the united states is being led
down the path to deep, harrowing darkness.
please join me in prayer re: the election.
and the future of our country. what it
will mean for our children and grandchildren.

i hear the angels singing. i see the marching band.
i was reminded today, during a conference call i was
a part of, how powerfully great and good God really
is. and how His Spirit can draw people and lead
us. my eyes were tear-filled most of this conversation
between two Godly men and me. i listened, mostly,
and was reminded of HOW MUCH Jesus loves me.
it is very easy for me, if i let myself on hard days, to
genuinely grasp this. when we all disconnected,
i fell on my face. flat on the rug. humbled beyond
words that Jesus can really love a sinner like me.

"how marvelous...
and my song shall always be. how my Savior's
love for me." (an old hymn)

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  1. lovely song..Know Abba is still using your books, your words, your honesty and your life to draw people closer to Him.