Sunday, September 23

my Bible study is on genesis.
that God, and Jesus in Him, created the
whole world. poured form into nothingness.
rivers and winding streams and mornings
fresh and shining with a golden sun. and darkness
when we lay down our burdens, and turn off the lights,
and kiss the children and sleep.

along with snakes and horses and giraffes and fish
of the sea and every redwood and rustling tree, He
decided to create man and woman. and families. and
His joy and real purpose for us is to simply glorify Him.
praise Him and love Him and rejoice in Him and trust Him
inspite of all our brokenness and struggles and this journey
called life. to celebrate that God is bigger and higher and
greater than all earthly things. that if we glorify Him, He will
deliver us out of every distress. that worry really is unnecessary.

oh, i have problems with worry. it is as if the devil creeps into
my mind and heart while i am sleeping, and takes a cat-scan
of my life and stamps these little wrinkles of concern and fear
and uncertainty in my mental wiring. and i cave in because i'm
not hiding enough of God's Word in my heart. and quieting
myself. stopped. still. wrapping up in His arms. remembering
that Jesus has ALWAYS worked EVERYTHING out! in 66 years,
He has NEVER failed me. never. ever. ever.

amazing love.
amazing love.
that Jesus came.
and is our Redeemer.
yes, we are human and imperfect and we
forget and get scared, but God still smiles on us
and longs for us. longs for our bowed heads and
humbled knees and shouting praises and joy.

oh, may Jesus come to us today.
may we allow Him to fill us completely.
to know His thoughts and ways are so beyond
ours, and in God's eyes, everything makes sense.
everything is allowed in our lives for His shaping and

worship. glorify. praise.
run with His joy shining in your eyes
and spilling out of your arms and toes and
onto all those around you. wave your arms.
lie flat on your face in pure, unsullied awe for
everything He is and does. glorify. glorify.


  1. Hi Ann...

    I'm Holly, and I wanted to reach out this morning and say thanks.

    Thanks for...

    * All the books you have written. I have read so many of them and they encouraged in my walk with God in deep and profound ways

    * Writing this blog. I was so happy to see you writing again, and once more, I am touched by your honesty and willingness to share. It encourages me in my own walk that has been very painful and bumpy the past five years.

    * Being open and honest. I can relate to many parts of your story, and God has used you to show me that there is life after failure and mistakes and that Jesus is the answer.

    I just wanted you to know that although I've never met you, I love you and appreciate you and am grateful to the Lord for you.

    I pray that He meets every need you have in ways that astound you and make you feel loved and cherished by Him.

    With love,