Tuesday, September 4

"He who dwells in the secret place of the
Most High shall remain stable and fixed under
the shadow of the Almighty (Whose power no
foe can withstand)." psalm 91:1 amp

today is september 3.
labor day week-end.
i awakened this morning,
thanking Jesus for being my Lord.
for understanding everything. even
emotions inside that i don't understand
fully. telling Him that i trust Him. that
i know He is good and gracious. speaking
love to Him as my Savior and Lord. my Partner.
my Running Hero. my Husband. the Father
to the fatherless, my four, beautiful, incredible

i felt so alone.
so many things i really need to do.
clean out my closet. scrub down the
kitchen and bathroom. all the floors.
everything looks clean because i love
order and an uncluttered affect, but it
doesn't change the fact.

and i have so much paperwork.
bills to pay and letters to write and a
checking account to balance. most
of my adult years, i have been very
spoiled. all the years of writing and
speaking. i had a full-time secretary and
a full-time accountant. and then a
husband. smile.

i think i am lazy inside,
and always pushing myself to
produce so as not to give in to it.

well, join me today.
wherever you are.
dwelling in the secret place
of our Redeemer. the One who
grasps the most intimate pieces
of our lives. the Only One who does!

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful.
    It is hard to trust and fully hand over everything.
    But, I have to keep re-giving.
    He knows all my desires, even more than I do.
    He knows the thoughts I cannot formulate...or don't want to.