Monday, September 17

just as the celebrate group meetings were ending,
my phone rang and it was colson. "colson?!
hi, darling. what's up?"

"well...i'm in the hospital.
went home with a guy from mcdonald's,
and we were watching t.v. when the front door
was crashed backward, and three guys walked
in, all pointing guns at me."

"oh, colson, how awful!! do you have any enemies?"
"no, mom, none! one guy came over and pointed the
gun at my forehead, pressing the cold metal into my skin."

"i reached up and pushed the gun and this guy away from me.
with two other guns pointed at me during all of it. the guy i
pushed, took his gun and gashed a big hole in my head above
my temple, and it knocked me out. when i came to, blood was
squirting from my head everywhere."

colson said they were looking for pills or drugs, neither of
which his buddy or he had. once again, they forced colson
to his knees. placed the gun above his temple, and he said,

"mom, i prayed. i confessed all my sins to Jesus and told
Him i was ready to come Home." this time, i knew it was real.
suddenly police sirens could be heard, and they ran, and the
ambulance took colson to the emergency room, gluing and
sewing up and taking care of him. police, detectives, everyone
was there, colson said. "mom, i don't think i want to live in maryland
anymore. i'm so far away from from all of you."

taylor called.
"tell him we are a family, and we'll
do whatever we have to do to see him through this, mom."

brock said, "colson could stay here(dallas). there is a mcdonald's
a half mile from my place, and lots of restaurants. and he can get a one-
bedroom for what he is paying now."

so, we've encircled colson with all our love.
a family that sticks together and works things out
among us. five andersons and God.

a month-plus ago, i wasn't to be alive in the head-on collision.
but Jesus tucked me in the only little pocket of the car where
anyone had a chance of living. and now colson. our lives have
been spared from dramatic events. NOTHING touches God's children
unless He allows it. glorious, glorious, glorious God! amen.

but we must be ready. none knows the time or hour
God decides to take us home. no one.

i continue to love every
single comment you send me. every one!!!


  1. Oh. How incredible. I can't imagine what you must have been feeling as you were hearing about his incident. But, I am so thankful for God's sovereignty and protection.

    So thankful he is alright!


  2. Truly, He's given His angels charge over you all! So thankful you and Colson are safe, under the shadow of His wings~

  3. So glad Colson is ok...every Mother's nightmare! What great brothers he has!!(
    and the blessing of a praying mama!).