Saturday, September 15

"as the deep panteth for the water,
so my soul longeth after Thee...You
alone are my heart's desire, and i long
to worship You...."

"You alone are my strength and shield.
to You alone does my spirit yield.
You,alone, are my heart's desire and
i long to worship you...."

i long for God
more than for the sun to shine
and the oceans to roll. more than
laughter and honor and success and blessing.

i long for God
more than the evening skies and
the rainbow after rain and the breeze on
a balmy afternoon.

oh, yes, You are my heart's desire.
i yearn for Your handprint on my shoulder.
for the sound of your robes as You pass by.
for Redemption to run through my veins and
soul like a river. flow, river, flow.

stand by me, Lord.
please don't weary in pulling me
back to my feet after i fall again and again.
trace the feet of my children. follow them and
nudge them and show them whether to turn to
the left or the right. stand by my boys, Lord.
oh, yes, stand by. help them...and be
quiet enough to listen. to hear You.

all my fellow warriors need you, too.
with every piece of us, we seek You.
stay near. stay near until the last hymn is
sung and the last breath is given and we are
led into You Presence forever and ever and ever.

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