Wednesday, September 12

one of my readers (barb miller) sent me a quote
that i really love. it is so much a part of what a mother (parents)
should have.

"the Lord is ever concerned with the heart, only the heart.
all of life is the exposure of the heart." martha kilpatrick

our children see clear through us.
they know us almost better than we know ourselves.
they've watched us since babyhood. no fooling them
about what our hearts are all about. and all the dynamics
that are going on in our lives and our homes.

"Lord, fill us with Your divine Love. close
our eyes to judgement and criticism and the
lack of emotion when it comes to loving our children.
when they are in the very center of your will or drug
addicts or stumbling around, wounded and stone silent
and withdrawn. wherever they are, may our hearts be
there. not with all the answers and lectures, but the quiet
gentleness that comforts and reassures and reveals Your
beautiful Spirit in us.

remember the HEART!!

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