Sunday, September 9

"be silent, and know
that i am God." psalm 46:10

I am the God of this afternoon.
and tomorrow. and next week.
of every moment and every sadness
and every unanswered prayer and
every seemingly-impossible situation.

I am Your God when no one seems to care.
when you feel so alone. when there is no
money for the bills and you have a prodigal
child. when your mate doesn't feel the same
about you and a long-loved friend begins to
back away.

I am your God when someone you cherish dies
or becomes very ill, and nothing makes sense,
and there seems no reason to keep going.

be still.
completely quiet.
and when absolutely nothing feels or
seems right, God is God, and He loves
us and has ways to blast away the darkness
and warm us with His glistening, all-pure and loving

be still.


  1. I did a whole study on this verse---I loved it when I discovered that the word 'still' in this verse actually means 'surrender', let go', make less'...if we just can manage to surrender and let go of all those worries, problems, etc.

  2. Thank you for came at just the right time.