Thursday, September 20

having a quiet time
every morning is such a
challenge for me. there are
so many other things calling out
to me for attention.

always wanting to call jan, first thing.
my twin. my best friend. my confident.

my latest mystery novel.
i ALWAYS have a book by my bed.
something to lose myself in. a story
that transports me from my worries and
pressures at home to someone else's story.
at night, i can scarcely put my latest book down.
and in the early morning (my hardest time of every day),
i want to grab that book.

if i had internet where i live,
it would be another battle to deal with.
but, as you know, as of right now i have
no internet. panera's my source.

spending time with Jesus should always
be the FIRST thing on our list every single day.
praising Him. basking in His blessings. His glory.
His gifts. putting on our spiritual armour. handing
Him all our worries and cares. our dreams that
might seem so far off and even impossible.
pleading....earnestly pleading....for God to cover
our children. to heal their wounds. to draw them
to Himself, whatever that means. and for me?

i am just claiming the Blood.
life is ALL about the Blood of Jesus.
the Blood that buries our darkness and
raises us to stunning, fresh light.
the Blood that promises forgiveness for
our daily sins and comfort for our wounded
souls. giving our day to God is the only way
to really begin. i think of that day of my car
accident. how i walked out the door, forgetting
my quiet time, and walked back inside to my
prayer place. never suspecting that within a half
mile of where i live, i would be thrown into a real
life and death situation. i'm so grateful i didn't
forget God that morning!

time is not important.
the yearning and reaching out
to the Savior of our souls is. tomorrow,
first thing, remember to run to Jesus.
the Music that resonates in our darkest
nights and greatest victories. He is always
waiting for us.


  1. I pretty much take a book wherever I go. There are many times to 'sneak in' a few pages. Mysteries are a favorite for me.
    LOVE that Abba is always there--even when we tend to forget it, He makes His presence known.

  2. You could have been describing me - especially the trouble putting down the book at night and holding off on reading it in the morning. Thanks for the reminder to treat what is important as what is important!