Monday, September 3

dependant on Jesus!
completely relying on Him.

such a challenging calling
when we somehow feel we must
take care of business ourselves.
oh, we pray about it. try to hand it over
to Jesus. but somehow, most of the time,
we just keep thinking God needs our help.

i've been on a new adventure.
i've looked at car lots. hours and hours.
i've pulled over to an area where people park
their cars for sale. lined up. side-by-side.
my children have been helping by sending me
possibilities on craig's list. i've stayed in my little
house for several days at a time, because i have no
way to do anything unless someone takes me. and
i've cried and felt anxiety and worry crawl over me
like a disease.

back to my new adventure.
every day now, i just awaken and thank
God that He has it all covered. that i have
NO idea how to find a car, but He does,and
He is going to do it for me. i am filled with
joy. my worry and sadness has been lifted.
i can't. HE CAN!!

and this is about more than another car.
it's about the dental bill. and all the paperwork.
and when can i see my grandbaby? and jan?
and what about my toes? is it because i've run
so many miles, that they are beginning to look
flat out pitiful? well, whatever it is, i'm depending
on Jesus to lift me up. help me dance. surprise
me with all the creative ways He provides and
fixes and unfolds miracles.

the tires need to be replaced?
you've just learned your child is autistic?
one of your children needs a real mood adjustment?
just scoop it all up.
lay everything in the Savior's loving arms.
depend. wait. watch.
begin the greatest adventure of your life!


  1. Trusting in HIM is so easy for everyone to tell us, but, your right! When it comes down to it we somehow think that we have to try and fix it and then we get to a place where we just have to let it all go and lay it at the feet of Jesus.. HE can do such a better job of taking care of things..but, so often it's so hard....Still believing for that car for you and HE will make a way!

  2. So true! Freedom happens in the surrender, even when letting go is hard to do.