Sunday, September 2

after reading all your responses about my 'bossy friend',
i have re-evaluated how healthy it is for me to just suck it in.
thanks for all your input, and the comments about drawing
boundaries. very good input. this is one of my best friends.
we have so many wonderful times together, but this piece of
the relationship has been very difficult. i never want to be
unteachable. i always want to live in a spirit of humility, knowing
there is yet so much for me to learn. you pray for me, please, and
i will ask God to guide me in this situation.

thank you, again, for all your love and kindness that you send my way
day after day after day. with warmest love, ann


  1. Yes, Ann - am praying for your discernment.
    One question that might help is to ask yourself if one of your sons treated you as your friend has treated you ( during the not good times together when she is demanding that you be perfect ) how would you respond to your son?

    I know you would not desert your son, but neither would you let him treat you with that kind of disrespect. You taught him better!

    We teach people how to treat us by letting them treat us as they do and only we can stop behavior that is not acceptable.

    Hugs xoxo Lynn

  2. Dear Ann,
    for someone whose words changed my life dramatically at the age of 15, I am saddened to think that you give this friend the power to validate you. Or maybe that is how it seems to me.

    We all have the small voice inside, our conscience, our leader, most times our protector. I pray that you give power to your 'gut' and not so much to the people around you. Not to say the people around you shouldn't be listened to or taken for face value.

    Sometimes it is easier to see someeone else's faults vs. your own. How do I know...cause at the ripe age of 45 I am finally realizing I don't have to crave what others think of me. I am who I am, who God made me to be. I am middle aged, single, plump and happy..why? cause God made me that way. God loves me at the end of the day. When I feel funky in the mirror, God loves me.

    I drive an old car, I coupon, I give my last to anyone who I think might need it. I am who I am. I am not popular but God loves me.

    God loves you, too, Ann. Truly, deeply, madly.

    I am standing in faith with you for your car situation. Oh, and for your daily needs. I pray for someone to come alongside you to help you manage your finances, your speaking career, wish I lived closer to you because I would come over and be your secretary, for free..cause God wants us to church each other and it sounds like you need some real live church'in.

    Love you Ann!! You are special.


  3. sara, i wish you DID live close.
    i'd use all your help. thank you for all your
    kind and solid words. i love you. ann