Wednesday, September 19

monday night is bible study fellowship.
tuesday is celebrate discovery.
thursday night is my 12-step group.

so many many weeks...i don't feel
like attending any of these. i do everything in my
power to talk my way out. to ask the Lord to please
give me a break on one of these meetings. but...
i pull on fresh clothes. brush my teeth. and head
out the door. struggling. so many times.

and then, i arrive at my meetings. wind-blown
by life and struggles and demands. and ALWAYS,
before i head home, i've been touched. heard something
i needed. convicted by some sin or error in my day or week.
changed. somehow. renewed. filled. quieted.

when you feel as i do, grab your jacket. walk yourself,
forcefully, if need your car. and wait and watch
for the surprises that await you. the most difficult
days bring the best healing. a new friend. an answer
to one of your prayers. just try it. you'll see!

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