Saturday, September 8

well, children are back in school again.
isn't it amazing HOW fast life passes?
where did summer go? when my children
were home, i was always so sad when school
started after all the hours of swimming and
sun and movies and staying up late. then....

back to schedules and early mornings
and homework and sports. i was born
to have fun and play and build happy
memories with my children.

yet, it always surprised me that i fell into
the new rhythm, and began to enjoy a set
cadence to each day.

life moves quickly.
enjoy your babies. your children as they grow.
watch each morning sky and know that you
have been given another fresh, clean day that
many haven't been given. life brings new
friends and fresh starts and so many things to learn.

my mother taught me as a child that there are very
few big moments in life. that most of living is
every day. ordinary moments. hard battles. big
lessons to learn. somehow, i pray that we can all
learn to be content in the ordinariness of life, and
truly celebrate when the beautiful surprises pop up.

i also learned from my mother that we each CHOOSE
whether to be happy or unhappy. positive or negative.
content or discontent. that it is all decided in our minds.
that we can be happy anywhere if we choose to be. to
whatever city God moves us.

you must know that i've had some of the saddest,
loneliest and poorest times of my life the past couple
years. i think living is very complicated, but i pray for all
of us today....that we will...

"rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him....he (we)
will not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is steadfast,
trusting in the Lord. his heart is established..."
psalms (several parts)

kiss the face of a child.
fix your favorite sandwich or dessert.
pull out a funny memory so you can at least
smile while you cry. and know that God's and my
love follows you....and your love traces me...and
we can make it. Jesus promises!

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