Friday, September 7

as most of you know,
i live behind a great, big house
in a much smaller, beautiful, little
house. renting from some of my
dearest friends.

they have adult children that i
absolutely TREASURE! you could not
find more beautiful, thoughtful, loving
young adults anywhere. their mates
are the same, and the nine, little babies
and children are so sweet and precious
that they take my breath my
grandbaby does.

"hi, ann!" says gianni.
"hi, ann!" says charisma.

i kiss and hug them.
"i love you!" i tell them each time.
"i love you, too!" they respond.
all nine of them are five and under.

about a week ago,
natalia, the oldest daughter (they are all beautiful!)
was over to see her parents, and david, 4, and adam, 2,
were with her. i was chasing david down the hall and
into the kitchen to tickle him. he suddenly stopped.
still. arms at his side. this thoughtful, angelic look
on his face. now standing in the kitchen.

"ann, i want to hug you!"

i stopped. stunned. my heart and thoughts
melting into a pool of silent awe and love.
reaching out, i wrapped my arms under his.
and picked him up and hugged and hugged him.
kissing his neck. swinging him a little. snuggling

"i want to hug you!"
that had to be a part of the Divine.
it just had to. the heart of God inside
that exquisite, wide-eyed, little boy.

Jesus lives in the hearts of children.
He uses them to change the world.
pure. uncomplicated. untarnished by
the knocks of life and the darkness of
this world.

"Jesus loves the little children...
all the children of the world.
red and yellow, black and white,
all are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the

and david, i love you!!!
beautiful and amazing and anointed
little soldier of the Cross.