Friday, September 14

i received this amazing call last night
as i was headed home from the 12-step meeting.
a beautiful woman of God in modesto (one hour from
here where colson and brandt graduated from high
school) called. she is one of my major prayer warriors.
is there any better gift than that? especially when i go
through stretches of hard times as i have recently.

monica, and lupe (another prayer warrior), wanted
to come today. pick me up since i have no car, take
me to lunch, and around anywhere to get errands done.
i felt the heat of love rising from my toes
to the top of my head. a friday with something to look
forward to!!! so.....

we had chinese food for lunch (a real spread), stopped
at the grocery store, and are here at panera's. while i
am doing these blogs, they are sitting at another table,
just visiting and waiting. can there be a better gift for
someone without a car?!!! and all of it surrounded by
great love.

"the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord
bestows favor and honor; no good thing will
He withhold from those whose walk is blameless."

if you were over-looked for the job you wanted....
or your house didn't sell for what you needed it to.
or someone else bought the used car you were hoping
for, just remember that God will never withhold anything
good from us. if He says "no" to what we are sure is
the right thing, just know that your best ideas are counter-
feit to what He has just ahead for you.

may we rise every day with the promise of surprise
and love and victory and thanksgiving. may we never
doubt that Jesus really does love us and is going to
bless us if we are His. i can't say my walk is "blameless".
i sin in word or thought every day, but somehow grace
covers, and miracles live. remember, life is ALL about love.
love is all there is and all there will ever be. divine, shining love.


  1. What beautiful friends you have.
    I hope I can be that friend when situations arise.

    I've been in a place of adjustment, getting used to living at home, even though I just graduated from college. I have many plans and dreams I want to see come to fruition. My plans keep changing. I know God has my best in mind. But, it has been hard ('s phases).

    Thank you for sharing your heart, experiences, and truth.

  2. Ann,
    I still remember your story about sharing your faith & love with a made him chocolate chip cookies & took him fishing. I wanted to be just like you.
    Thank you for taking up your pen again & sharing your life with us.

  3. Ann, my husband says that if God says "no" He has a better "yes" to come. (I think he may have adapted that thought from his college president at Asbury College [now Asbury University].) That has helped me so much in correcting my thinking of God as a stingy deity. ~Terri in Indiana

  4. The unexpected love gifts are the absolute BEST!