Tuesday, June 19

brandt called at 10:00p.m. last night.
"mom, we are just driving back from fresno,
and we wondered if we could stop by.
maybe spend the night. you could see

i was so tired.
such a long day.
a hard work-out at the gym.

please know....i LOVE them coming.
it was just late. i opened the door, and there
was my darling,, precious, adorable, smartest, most-
precious baby on earth. this is a grandmother speaking.
you know: obnoxious! smile.

colben fell into my arms.
sucking on two fingers.
wild, black curls everywhere.

he slept in my room. in his bed there.
and brandt and jasmine and her cousin
slept downstairs. in almost minutes, every one
of us was gone. out. deep sleep. they were up
early because they have two dogs to tend to, and
they had two more hours to go to get home.

special ones.
they bring joy to us; wipe our tears
away, and and soon, the whole world
looks better. check your neighborhood.
look for God-ordained places where He is
just waiting for you to whisper happiness to
someone all picked out. you watch! God has it
all cooked up for you.

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  1. Not meaning to be a smarty pants but as a Christian, I believe all my moments are God-ordained. As Einstein said, "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
    Everything is a miracle because of God.